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[CPU] 45th Birthday Surprise: My New Software Tech Startup

Today, I'm 45 years old. I've been an entrepreneur for nearly half of my life, but my career is just
[CPU] 45th Birthday Surprise: My New Software Tech Startup
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #19 • View online
Today, I’m 45 years old.
I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly half of my life, but my career is just getting started.
Some people have asked why I stopped publishing damn near anything original over the past six months (while most assumed I never stopped). Let me explain part of the reason why it *seems* like I’ve changed.
Even in my early days with LockerGnome in 1996, I knew that I (ultimately) wanted to help build internet software / platforms that would solve both my problems and the problems of other businesses vicariously. I’ve always longed to take my various industry experiences and parlay them into something far greater than myself - to be a hub rather than just another spoke.
I didn’t just want to write & send email newsletters, I wanted to build an email newsletter platform for others to leverage. I didn’t just want to create & sell eBooks, I wanted to provide a mechanism for others to do the same. I didn’t just want to publish to a blog, I wanted to help other internet publishers (and writers) be more successful. I didn’t just want to host a community, I wanted to build community-accelerating tools for other groups.I didn’t just want to post my own videos to the internet, I wanted to provide a means by which other talent could be elevated. I didn’t just want to crowdfund my own content efforts (long before Patreon), I wanted to build a way for other creators to do it for themselves as well.
There’s a pattern here, folks.
I’ve learned a lot in two decades, but there’s so much more I’ve yet to master. I can spot trends (and opportunities) a mile away but have been forced to wait on the sidelines for someone else to bring platform experiences to life. I’ve directed various (small) software projects for myself over the years, but I’ve never assembled a dedicated team to tackle larger efforts together as an independent startup…
…until now.
Meet CreatorDex - and its CEO, Chris Pirillo!
I’ll be talking more about this LIVE on YouTube in a few minutes, but you can also go here for updates:
We’re building tools for all creators (or “influencers” as they’re known to marketers) - driving forward with a creator-first, creator-focused strategy. We are working to launch a minimum viable product within the next few months, but you still can sign up there today if you’d like to receive our launch announcement(s).
I hesitate to say too much more about what’s in the works, but you should be content in knowing that something new is being designed for people who are like me (and possibly people like you). I’ll say this: if you’re someone who creates content on the internet (or you’re a marketer), you’re definitely interested in what we’re doing.
So, you see, it’s not that much different than what I’ve been doing over all these years - leading by example, showing others what I’ve learned. It’s just that now I am to help develop platforms around the process(es).
But it’s never just the idea - it’s all about the execution. I needed to find people who had experiences and skill sets to complement my own (at the right time in their life, at the right time in my life) - Josh Dirks, Christopher Molitor, & Jason Schuller. I am but one piece of the puzzle that was necessary to ensure our endeavor’s success, and it is our hope that this team will expand and become one of Seattle’s most recognized startups in due time.
[And expect to hear more about a separate endeavor in relation to me helping Seattle-area startups soon!]

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