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[CPU] It's Bigger on the Inside

► Listen to My Private "Podcasts" Here So, apparently I upset a few people by suggesting that I neede
[CPU] It's Bigger on the Inside
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #7 • View online
So, apparently I upset a few people by suggesting that I needed help covering some bills. Because, you know, I’m human and subject to the laws of economics - but dare never speak about it, since only good and happy things can ever be discussed?
Okay, well… here’s the thing. To cover the cost of sending this newsletter to tens of thousands of you on a monthly basis, I only need the support of 17 members.
Yes, just 17 people can make the difference for over 20,000 of you. That’s nothing to sneeze at.
And you should never sneeze at one of my members (at least, not intentionally - and certainly, not without covering your mouth and nose first). 
And that’s just covering one hard cost out of countless - not including time, experience (gravitas), workflow, lost opportunity cost, and other minutiae that nobody wants to hear about. 
I was also told not to brag about having such a small group of members - despite the small group (9 as of today) making a significant impact. A possible deep impact (when you use my affiliate links).
Smaller is often bigger.
But some of y'all don’t understand that if you think that it’s all about having the world’s biggest dic… tionary?
Facebook and YouTube have you fooled.
Your mind has been lulled to believe that something is only good when more people see it or like it or support it or whatever it.
But that’s not what really matters, is it?
No, it’s more like a one-on-one relationship you have with your cup of coffee - and, for me, that one-on-one relationship doesn’t scale unless there’s a tipping point (which we are nowhere near). 
You don’t care how many other people order the beverage your taste buds so desire, do you? No, you just want your drink to be what you want it to be. 
I’m your cup of coffee. Kinda.
Drink up. 

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