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[CPU] Talking Like Nobody's Listening

After you're done taking advantage of the incredible 20% discount on both the Boba Fett & Darth V
[CPU] Talking Like Nobody's Listening
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #8 • View online
After you’re done taking advantage of the incredible 20% discount on both the Boba Fett & Darth Vader LEGO buildable figure sets (those are my affiliate links), all of you members & patrons can also listen to this week’s “podcast” recordings:
Now, if you’re not interested in my opinions or awesome toys, well… here’s a stack of “free” news to back up my long-standing perspectives. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history
China turns to tech to monitor, shame and rate citizens
Content mods would solve an urgent problem, if anyone were willing to pay them
What Good Is ‘Community’ When Someone Else Makes All the Rules?
Via the RECONVERGE Conference
Via the RECONVERGE Conference
Deepfakes and fake media are coming for our memories
The campaign to keep middle school students off their cellphones
This 3D-printed house aims to end homelessness. Could it work?
That's No Sandwich
That's No Sandwich
Intel Shuts Down New Devices Group: No More Intel-Made Wearables
An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates
Fiddle Stick
April 22, 1993: Mosaic Browser Lights Up Web With Color, Creativity
Techno-Fundamentalism Can’t Save You
‘The Bleeding Edge’ Review: Doc Indicts the Medical Device Industry
Sponsor: AKiTiO
H-1B Workers Are Leaving Trump’s America for the Canadian Dream
An old 'Star Trek' episode knew what happens to our brains when we die
Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match
Chris Pirillo
DC superheroes from the '80s cartoon series unboxing a shipment of nothing but frozen water would be quite the haul of just ice.
3:09 PM - 23 Apr 2018
Kids Try 80s Technology
Kids Try 80s Technology
How merchants use Facebook to flood Amazon with fake reviews
Appliance Companies Are Lobbying to Protect Their DRM-Fueled Repair Monopolies
Security researchers can turn Alexa into a transcribing, always-on listening device
The Anchor: The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount
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