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[CPU] Technology is Forever Political

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[CPU] Technology is Forever Political
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #11 • View online

Why You Probably Might Refuse to Pay for Expertise from People Like Me
Corrupt Swamp-Filler personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms
Domestic Kleptocrat Seeks to Save Overseas Technology Company
Artificial Intelligence Might Be the Next Frontier in in Food Flavors
This Man Is Building an Armada of Saildrones to Conquer the Ocean
Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract
A Son’s Race to Give His Dying Father Artificial Immortality
DreamScreen HD Backlighting Kit
Amazon’s control over ebook sales data should upset everyone in publishing
Blockchain Just Isn’t As Radical As You Want It To Be
It’s Time to Unlock The Web
Can artificial intelligence create a new Brothers Grimm fairytale?
Celeste Ng
When will my phone learn that I never, ever mean “ducking”
6:40 AM - 15 May 2018
The art of writing big-budget video games sounds pretty bleak
Venus Horrified After Finding Millions Of Nude Pictures Of Herself On Internet
Twitter Is Going To Limit The Visibility Of Tweets From People Behaving Badly
Ward Q. Normal
By age 33-1/3 you should have seen several audio formats become obsolete, experts say. If not, then certainly by age 45.
1:13 PM - 15 May 2018
ion8 Leakproof Ionizing Water Bottle
Sponsor: AKiTiO eGPU over Thunderbolt 3, PCIe Expansion, RAID Storage
How the World’s Biggest Companies Are Fine-Tuning the Robot Revolution
New Privacy Rules Could Make This Woman One of Tech’s Most Important Regulators
63: Take your data and go home
Scientists declare octopi life from another world
Buyer Beware: Hundreds of Bitcoin Wannabes Show Hallmarks of Fraud
Anil Dash
Maybe there’s just a coin they toss over at Google, and when it’s heads, they make a messaging app, but when it’s tails they make a music app. (And a messaging app.)
8:19 PM - 17 May 2018
Women Who Watched “The X-Files” Pursued More Careers In STEM
Developers Union urges Apple to allow free app trials, make it easier to earn a living
SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone
How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness
Technology innovation on the second half of the chessboard
Bitcoin’s energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual
Smartphones and Poverty
You can hear "Brainstorm" or "Green Needle" based on whichever one you think about. Pure black magic. We're well past 'Yanny' and 'Laurel'!
5:42 AM - 17 May 2018
Tech Firms Move to Put Ethical Guard Rails Around AI
R.I.P. science, the International Space Station will be taken over by rich people
The Moat Map
The End of Third-Party Twitter Clients?
Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct
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