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[CPU] Living with Less Technology is Truly Living

I know that everybody's time is worth something - it's the most valuable thing you have (that you can
[CPU] Living with Less Technology is Truly Living
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #4 • View online
I know that everybody’s time is worth something - it’s the most valuable thing you have (that you can never get back once it’s gone).
That’s right! The most valuable thing you have is absolutely not your fancy-schmancy new-fangled hyper-definition super-resolution television set that has already been replaced by four models.
I have been spending my time fleshing out freelancing / consulting projects, as well as working on ways to bring a paid newsletter option to those who want to support me (as well as retool the bonuses for both our TLDR and Geek Family Fun patrons).
How you spend your time is more important than anything else, so I would kindly ask you to put down all technology after you finish reading what I’ve just sent you. You might think this to be impossible, but it’s quite possible - and I’m telling you this as a long-standing tech minimalist.
“But wait,” I can hear you crying. “How can a guy who loves gadgets say such an outlandish thing!” Well, first of all… I don’t love gadgets. Second of all, I started my “career” writing about software / services, not hardware. Even back in the ‘80s, I was all about what was on the floppy disks - not the floppy disks or the drives themselves.
I’m not saying you should avoid getting new technology (or refrain from using hardware when it’s most practical), I’m just trying to remind you that there’s a life beyond bits & bytes - and I already recognize the irony in telling you this electronically.
You could spend all your time troubleshooting the inevitable problems that come with embracing too much technology? Okay. Your choice, not mine. 
Trust me: your life is better when it’s not constantly pressed up against a screen.
That next email can wait.
That next pointless YouTube video can wait.
Or can it?

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