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[CPU] The Value of Free

Color me shocked. That's a hue halfway between ecru and taupe.  The feedback I received after sending
[CPU] The Value of Free
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #2 • View online
Color me shocked.
That’s a hue halfway between ecru and taupe. 
The feedback I received after sending the “first” issue of this newsletter through our new (for now) email service provider was surprisingly high. 
And, since I live in the state of Washington, that’s perfectly legal.
No, seriously - I had a virtual ton of personal replies float back to me (suggesting that I wasn’t the only one who was still alive on the Internet). This was a shock because I’m so used to tweeting things that nobody favorites - and, if nobody favorites a tweet, it doesn’t really exist. 
By the way: I know that I’m no longer supposed to capitalize the word “Internet,” but old habits die hard. 
I’m used to putting my thoughts out there (obviously), but have grown rather accustomed to seeing no immediate response from the community-at-large when I opt to share any particular thing. 
“Social Media” should be a two-way street, but I still feel that email is more personal - and, I believe, the anecdotal evidence seems to support my hypothesis. 
This newsletter, however, comes at a great cost - because it’s not generating revenue directly. The market for indies like myself has completely bottomed out (despite being one of the first to pop onto Patreon). 
There’s something you need to quickly recognize (with emphasis):
We’re living in the era of app stores, search engines, and constant connection - the need for a personal filter (like your very own Chris Pirillo action figure) is severely diminished. 
Despite having a wealth of knowledge and experience, my worth (today, to the average user) is measured by how many people happen to see any particular piece of content - not based upon the actual weight of said content. 
That’s frustrating to no end.
This is one of the reasons why I’ve pulled back on doing so much for “free” in recent years. I’ve learned that my value in this ecosystem is better tapped by businesses - though I remain a user advocate at heart. Last week, I even quipped that it’s probably time I go to work for Facebook - but that could just as easily be Google, Amazon, eBay or any entity actively looking to slide me into a role without requiring a resume submission. 
Yeah, that’s probably where I belong now. 
You get what you pay for. Sometimes. 

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