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[CPU] We Have 5 Members Now - Out of 26,454 People

Consider Becoming a Member to Help Me Pay the Bills Just because I use a product doesn't mean it's an
[CPU] We Have 5 Members Now - Out of 26,454 People
By Chris Pirillo • Issue #6 • View online
Just because I use a product doesn’t mean it’s an endorsement. 
This is why it baffles me when people ask me what I’m choosing to use for any particular task - and why I always say that I really don’t care what you choose to use for whatever, either. 
Sometimes, I’m left with little choice but to use something like a platform simply because there are few (if any) viable alternatives to help me accomplish a certain set of goals.
Then, there’s the unfortunate variable of momentum that often keeps one locked into a silo until the pain of it is so great that they have little choice but to seek solutions elsewhere.
Take this email newsletter platform, for example - I sent out an exclusive audio link to members the other day (which was almost like a podcast without the feed), but the archive was made pseudo-public and I had to file a bug report. I can work around the current shortcoming for members, I think. 
I don’t get paid to file bug reports (and, in many cases, I’m paying for the always-imperfect product or service in the first place). I’m not a reviewer, either - and I don’t trust most so-called reviewers. Don’t even get me started with my annoyance level when someone asks what camera I happened to use for a particular picture they appreciated!
I just know that when I’m trying to do something because it needs to be done, I just need to get it done. I don’t really like to think about what I’m using - I tend to think about what I’m doing (or trying to do). 
And, by the way, I just did it again.
If you’d much rather me share the latest discounts I’m discovering, then you should know that the Fire HD 8 is currently 31% off (that’s my affiliate link for it, too). 

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